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"Thirty years in the life of a mountain is nothing, the flicker of an eyelid.” Nan Shepard

In Glenbride Lodge in the Wicklow mountains, Peter Byrne (my Grandfather) worked as gamekeeper during the Spring and Summer months from the 1920s to the 1940s. The gamekeepers often spent long hours in their quarters, waiting for the weather to clear, looking at the sky, talking, thinking and day-dreaming. Evidence of those idle musings remain and primitive drawings still cover the white plastered walls. The imaginers are long gone.

DISTANCE looks at co-existing time frames through the framework of a specific place (Glenbride Lodge) and three distinct perspectives: geographical memory, the memory of a house and the tangled forces of human memory. 

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Direction: Sharon Whooley

Original Title: Distance

Original Language: English

Film Production Country: Ireland