One Mile Away

Penny Woolcock 2012 90 Min

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In 2007 I started researching 1 Day a fiction feature film about inner city gang life in Birmingham. I began the research on the Johnson side of town, in Aston with the postcode B6. It was very difficult because the young men I wanted to talk to were convinced that I was working undercover for the police and just pretending to make a film. Shabba was the only one who trusted me, partly because he had seen and enjoyed Mischief Night I had made a couple of years earlier. After a couple of frustrating months, my researcher Lucy Pardee and I drifted over the front line to Handsworth, B21, home of the Burger Bar. There I met Dylan Duffus (aka D Boy). Dylan looked into my eyes and decided that I could be trusted. 

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Direction: Penny Woolcock



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