Zivan Makes a Punk Festival

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Like a contemporary Don Quixote, this film's focal point, Živan, clings to his goal of organising an annual punk festival in his village Tomasevac, just outside Belgrade. It's Živan's battle with himself and the small-minded villagers. He is ambitious and takes risks, but does so at a village pace. This year the festival will be international: a band from Slovakia will play. Soon, Živan proves to have no money and things seem half-organised until the big day. Živan's friends put him on the spot, but ultimately there are always people who help him. Živan is a poet and reads a poem before every gig; he also believes fervently in his dream of expanding the festival. Ognjen Glavonic received much praise for this exceptional film.

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Direction: Ognjen Glavonić

Original Title: Živan Makes a Punk Festival

Original Languages: Serbian, English

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Serbia