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Richard Twice

Matthew Salton 2017 10 Min
Richard Atkins, the singer and songwriter of the early 70’s …

Outside the box

Janet Grainger 2019 5 Min
Who do we see when we look at people, do …

The Dream Report

Jack O'Shea 2019 7 Min
A deadpan sci-fi interweaving moments of familiar routine with esoteric …


Aisling O Connor 2019 3 Min
A forest creatures quiet life is turned upside down when …

Duerrenwaid 8

Kirsten Carina Geißer, Ines Christine Geißer 2018 7 Min
A house, a garden, a stream. The beehive on the …


Ao Chen 2019 3 Min
This animated film uses traditional Chinese art forms including ink …


Angela Stempel 2018 3 Min
Entering a yoga class can become more than you bargained …


Sara Barreto 2017 5 Min
A world composed by the elements that are materialized into …

The Juggler

Iuri Moreno 2018 11 Min
An animated documentary on street acrobats who bring colour to …

Shy & Ketchup

Teresa Romo 2019 4 Min
A shy girl obsessed with ketchup finds herself having to …


Federico Gutierrez Obeso 2018 10 Min
"Cousins" is a story of binaries led by fantastic apes.


Sara Mengual 2018 4 Min
Based on the true story of Luís, a boy from …


María Victoria Sánchez Lara 2019 9 Min
GIRASOL is the story of Carandai, the first sunflower in …


Filippo Letizi 2019 2 Min
A boy finds a dead pigeon on the road and …


Valeria Weerasinghe 2019 3 Min
In the confusion of a second-hand shop, Moka sits alone …


Lisa O'Sullivan 2018 3 Min
Exploring the strange limbo state we experience in the aftermath …