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Il Mondiale in Piazza

Vito Palmieri 2018 15 Min
November 2017: the Italian national football team does not qualify …

Milford Graves Full Mantis

Jake Meginsky, Neil Young 2018 91 Min
Celebrating the creativity of legendary American percussionist Milford Graves, this …


Natasha Waugh 2018 9 Min
There’s no replacement for a mother’s love. Mother is a …


Adam O'Keefe 2018 10 Min
A chance encounter between two strangers on a park bench …

Her Very Own

Dominic Curran 2018 14 Min
On this day, Maeve has set an unbreakable mental deadline. …


Patrick Ketch 2018 6 Min
A jogger and a young man try to save a …

Northern Star

Norah Dineen 2018 25 Min
Sarah, a young writer, returning home to Ireland, faces the …


David Moody 2018 13 Min
A young Roma boy's journey through modern day Belfast. Camlo …


Luke Morgan 2018 10 Min
After discovering they were both married to the same man …


Sharon Whooley 2018 14 Min
"Thirty years in the life of a mountain is nothing, …

Angels Guard Thee

Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivney 2018 17 Min
Martin has been living a solitary life as a farmer …


Lisa O'Sullivan 2018 3 Min
Exploring the strange limbo state we experience in the aftermath …

Boy Saint

Tom Speers 2018 7 Min
When two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality …


Laura Hermanides 2018 15 Min
Comedy film made during the Kino Guarimba Residency in Amantea, …


Tommaso Santi 2018 15 Min
A new student comes to the school from a far …


Sara Mengual 2018 4 Min
Based on the true story of Luís, a boy from …


Federico Gutierrez Obeso 2018 10 Min
"Cousins" is a story of binaries led by fantastic apes.

The Juggler

Iuri Moreno 2018 11 Min
An animated documentary on street acrobats who bring colour to …

Selling Sunflower Seeds

Juan Diego Aguirre 2018 16 Min
Yurani and other two Colombian teenagers try to survive day …


Angela Stempel 2018 3 Min
Entering a yoga class can become more than you bargained …

The Guys in the Blue Uniform

Bruno Ganhão 2018 30 Min
Based on the memories of CUF’s factory workers at Alferrarede, …

To My Parents

Melanie Pereira 2018 30 Min
A journey through journeys. A tribute to one’s parents. A …

After the Fire

Ahsan Mahmood Yunus 2018 10 Min
Three months after a forest fire destroyed their home, João …

Skin of Light

André Guiomar 2018 19 Min
Anifa survives a kidnap. Isa grows old surrounded by fear. …

The Guest

Sebastian Weber 2018 31 Min
The life of a Polish farmer, Wojtek, and his immediate …
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