Cork Film Festival

The Cork Film Festival is Ireland’s largest and first film festival and one of Cork’s most significant and popular annual cultural events. The Festival showcases the latest and best international and Irish features, documentaries and short films. Award-winning films from the international film festival circuit, new discoveries and cinema classics are selected by experienced curatorial team, to be premiered on the big screen in Cork. The festival is running annually for eleven days in November.

Films in this category


Jessie Ayles 2017 2 Min
Mr. Ripple chronicles the man behind Ireland's oldest-serving ice cream …

Boy Saint

Tom Speers 2018 7 Min
When two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality …


Jamie Delaney 2017 13 Min
In this world of social media and fleeting hype, Mary …

A Film About Sandhoppers

Nicholas Keogh 2017 1 Min
A romantic tale of two sand hoppers meeting in a …


Lisa O'Sullivan 2018 3 Min
Exploring the strange limbo state we experience in the aftermath …

Angels Guard Thee

Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivney 2018 17 Min
Martin has been living a solitary life as a farmer …


Sharon Whooley 2018 14 Min
"Thirty years in the life of a mountain is nothing, …


Naomi Sheridan 2017 25 Min
A young boy, Gabe, begins to suspect his new neighbor …


Luke Morgan 2018 10 Min
After discovering they were both married to the same man …


David Moody 2018 13 Min
A young Roma boy's journey through modern day Belfast. Camlo …

Northern Star

Norah Dineen 2018 25 Min
Sarah, a young writer, returning home to Ireland, faces the …


Patrick Ketch 2018 6 Min
A jogger and a young man try to save a …

Her Very Own

Dominic Curran 2018 14 Min
On this day, Maeve has set an unbreakable mental deadline. …


Adam O'Keefe 2018 10 Min
A chance encounter between two strangers on a park bench …


Aislinn Clarke 2016 19 Min
Mary, am anxious single mother, keeps a clean house. When …


Natasha Waugh 2018 9 Min
There’s no replacement for a mother’s love. Mother is a …

The 11th

Naomi Waring 2017 14 Min
Fisher returns to his East Belfast community on the prolific …


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